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Procedente igitur mox tempore cum adventicium nihil inveniretur, relicta ora maritima in Lycaoniam adnexam Isauriae se contulerunt ibique densis intersaepientes itinera praetenturis provincialium et viatorum opibus pascebantur.

Ultima Syriarum est Palaestina per intervalla magna protenta, cultis abundans terris et nitidis et civitates habens quasdam egregias, nullam nulli cedentem sed sibi vicissim velut ad perpendiculum aemulas: Caesaream, quam ad honorem Octaviani principis exaedificavit Herodes, et Eleutheropolim et Neapolim itidemque Ascalonem Gazam aevo superiore exstructas.

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    Pauline Broussier un grand nom à retenir…!

    WeShoot – * The mobile & web App for The Shooting Community * L’appli mobile & web de La Communauté des Tireurs This free app is dedicated to bringing the shooting community together to share their passion and promote the sport. When subscribing, you become a full member of t…[Read more]

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      James Ward’s work, whilst reminiscent of Stubbs’s, went further, addressing the possibility that animals had feelings, says Janet MenziesJames Ward's L'Amour de Cheval.James Ward lead the way for change in his work, says Janet Menzies. While reminiscent of Stubbs, his art went …Continue reading » show more
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      No one wants a travel-sick terrier or spaniel loose on the hard shoulder, so what is the best way of getting your dog to the shoot? David Tomlinson assesses the options The most expensive crates claim to be crash tested.There are many ways to transport your dog to the shoot, but which avoids travel-sickness and muddy paws while keeping …Continue reading » show more
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    • Sporting Dianas: Emma Ford
      A childhood love of garden birds manifested into a career in falconry – and the chance to develop a passion for other fieldsportsEmma Ford opened the first dedicated falconry school in the world with her husband, and they now call Gleneagles Hotel their permanent base.From nursing sick birds as a child to opening the first dedicated falconry school in the world, Emma Ford’s childhood …Continue reading » show more
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